Your living room is your sanctuary, and should be a space you enjoy spending time in. Unfortunately, between work, family life, social engagements and other duties, we don’t often find the time to give our living room the love it deserves.

Even the simplest design update can make all the difference when it comes to falling in love with your home again. So if you’re looking to increase the style factor, but don’t know where to start, here are our picks for the 5 golden rules you should always follow.

Less is more

Let’s start with one of the key interior design rules in any context: don’t overdo it. The theory behind the ‘less is more’ approach to décor is that you can have too much of a good thing. Strong elements are most effective when they have room to shine without having to compete with other items in the same space.

So while bold colours and striking pieces of furniture can help to bring life and personality into your living room, it can be overwhelming if there is too much on show. Try keeping a fairly neutral base palette and adding interest with a clear centrepiece, such as a feature wall or statement sofa. You can then use soft furnishings and small décor items to unify it with the rest of the space.

There’s no I in ‘team objects together’

Odd knick-knacks and ornaments placed seemingly randomly throughout your living room can make the space feel a little sporadic and disjointed. Instead, try grouping your accessories together in groups of two or three as a way of making attractive mini displays to draw the eye. The human eye prefers odd numbers and items of varying height, so use three or five candlesticks of different lengths to make an ambient coffee table light feature.

Size matters

When you’re introducing wall art or a statement rug to your living space, don’t hold back. It really is a case of the bigger the better if you’re trying to make an impact, especially if, as we said earlier, you keep the rest of the room fairly neutral.

One grand piece in a central position really sets the stage for a great living room design. You can then use the colours featured in your statement piece to inspire your accessories and soft furnishings.

It is easy being green

Plants are a dramatic, eco-friendly and cost-effective way to spruce up your living room. A touch of greenery will help to blur the line between your indoor and outdoor space, freshening the air and livening up your living room with colour. Studies even show that the presence of plants can help us feel more positive and productive.

You can be as traditional or exotic as you like with your houseplant choices, from balmy palms to classic floral arrangements. It also creates the perfect opportunity to splash out on exciting pots and vases.

There is power in prints and patterns

Patterns are everywhere: on leaves, flowers, river stones and tree bark. All these patterns come together to make nature beautiful, so why not take inspiration from the natural world and make use of patterns indoors as well?

Patterns don’t have to be over the top. As we said earlier, less is more, but sometimes the addition of a few statement patterns can transform a space from bland to brilliant, and make it truly feel your own. Consider botanical prints for true nature-inspired beauty, either in bold, bright tones or in more classic styles, like the iconic James Hare Silks designs. A few cushions, an eye-catching rug or a set of beautiful curtains could be what your living space needs to truly shine.

The right interiors can freshen up your home and make it feel like new. With years of experience in bespoke soft furnishings, the team here at Vanilla Interiors can help you make the right decisions to suit your tastes. 

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