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Spring is the best time of year to spruce up your home décor and bring your interior design to life. Gone are the short days and long nights of winter, so it’s time to celebrate by introducing new, exciting colours and textures into your home.

From gold and greenery to interiors and ice cream, spring 2018 is set to be an exciting season in the world of interior design. So make sure you don’t miss out — here are 5 interior design trends of the moment to help you get inspired.

Delicious pops of colour

Introducing colour into your home has always been a fantastic way of celebrating the new, brighter season, and it seems that 2018 is no different. But what is different is that this year the shades are tastier than ever. Ice cream colours like pastel blue and pink, mint green and vanilla yellow are right on trend this season and are a great way to banish the dull winter blues from your home.

There are a couple of ways to use these tones. You can either pick your favourite tasty paints for a more permanent addition or look to add them through soft furnishings that can be mixed and matched.

Bringing the outside in

What better way to celebrate spring than by bringing some fresh greenery into your home? The humble houseplant has seen a steep rise in popularity in recent years. And thanks to reports of multiple health benefits like cleaner air and higher energy, people want the real thing — and there’s no better time than spring to get on board with this trend. From hanging plants on mantelpieces to standing plants in bare corners, there are endless possibilities here.

Glittering gold

Our hunger for metallic interiors has been on the rise for a few years now, but this spring sees the trend go one step further. Gold is a key colour of the season, as it’s softer than silver and brings a pleasant mix of elegance and warmth to a space. Gold detailing on door handles, lamp bases and picture frames will elevate the style of any room, especially when displayed against a dramatically dark feature wall, like navy.

Patterns that stand out

Like colour, pattern is coming out of its shell this spring. Geometric designs are particularly popular right now, as they’re bold and decorative without being too busy so you still maintain a sense of order in your home. Try experimenting with patterns on wallpaper, carpet or kitchen tiling, or for a less dramatic use of pattern try implementing some interesting designs in your soft furnishings and curtains.

Fresh interiors

A spring clean doesn’t just mean a spritz and a spray — this is your chance to make your home feel fresh and new again. Swapping out old, tired interiors for stunning new additions is the most powerful way to make a statement this season. Whether you’re opting for bold shades and shapes, decadent gold or something more neutral and subdued, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, patterns and materials when rethinking your cushions, curtains, throws and rugs this spring. More than anything else, your home should reflect your style and your tastes.

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