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The use of tropical prints and patterns is a great way to get your interiors ready for summer

For too long now, interior design has been focused on minimalist spaces and neutral tones, but we think the time has come to inject some fun and colour back into your home décor. And the botanical trend is the perfect way to do it.

Leafy prints and nature-inspired patterns are rapidly growing in popularity in the run up to summer, and it isn’t hard to see why. These delightful designs can help bring both flair and freshness into your home, introducing the perfect colours and styles for welcoming the warmer weather.

So we’re here to show you how you can master the botanical trend in every room of your home. Let’s get started!

Striking dining décor

When we think of the dining room, we think of elegant, decadent, luxurious spaces for fine dining and engaging conversation. Making use of the botanical trend is a great way to elevate the atmosphere of your dining room, while also freshening things up with some sparkling colours and prints.

For a contemporary, striking dining room look using botanicals, pair your prints with simple furniture with a white or black finish. That way, your botanicals will make your statement for you. A series of framed foliage artworks will bring both interest and class to the space — look for Victorian inspired illustrations or even pressed fern leaves mounted and framed. Floral wallpapers and curtains like those in the James Hare collection will help you bring colour and excitement to your dining room while keeping things decadent.

Lively living area

You want your living room to feel lively (it’s in the name!) and botanicals are the perfect way to achieve this. The flexibility of the trend also means that you can go as big or small as you like with your green additions.

Subtler options include potted plants and cushions sporting attractive botanical prints. Pair these items with natural earthy tones and bright creams elsewhere in the room for an overall garden-fresh look. Or, for something bolder, go for a botanical print wallpaper or botanical curtains to really celebrate nature and create a lively space for relaxing.

Bright, botanical bedroom

The bedroom should be a place that evokes feelings of comfort, so bringing botanical prints to your soft furnishings will help them stand out as the stars of the space. Look for plant-inspired patterns on bedding, cushions, curtains and throws for an eye-catching overall look. Going for a simple leafy-green wall colour will complement your botanicals perfectly without distracting from them, and don’t forget to complete your bedroom look with real potted greenery.

Fresh and focused home office

As more and more of us find ourselves in roles requiring (at least part-time) home working, an attractive home office is becoming an essential feature. Go botanical with your décor for a great way to create a truly inspiring space.

The office is a space where you can celebrate botanicals in their truest form by bringing the outdoors in. Fill your office with plants and flowers to show off bright colours and boost your energy levels throughout the working day. You can then pair these features with a bold choice of botanical wallpaper, and use simple office furniture to let your wall design speak for itself. Studies have shown how the colour green can help us feel more focused, so your home office is the perfect place to introduce beautiful botanicals.

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