While it isn’t always practical to redecorate and refurnish a home four times a year, making small changes for each season can help rooms feel fresh and inspiring. A stale and boring house is one no one wants to spend much time in, so finding simple and cost-effective ways to spruce up your interior spaces can make a real difference.

Why work with the seasons?

Colours and fabrics that may have been warm and cosy in the winter tend to feel cloying and intense in the summer. Similarly, those softer, more subtle colours may begin to feel weak and uninviting when the nights draw in. But whether you want to overhaul a space based on the climate or simply a change in taste, you may wish to start with an audit of your cushion collection.

If your floor and walls are relatively neutral in colour, you will benefit from having great flexibility when it comes to soft furnishings. Adding cushions to your room is the perfect way to bring colour and texture to a space. Whether it’s brightening up the family room and kitchen to bring it in line with the first flush of the back garden, or making the lounge a more opulent area to spend your evenings, cushions can make a huge difference.

The statement cushion

Your statement cushion is an opportunity to let you really express yourself. The goal here is to find the perfect print or material to bring your room décor together, while also standing out from the crowd. Look for designs with interesting elements like metallic detailing, a rich fabric or bold colours. If you are looking to experiment in your living room and are concerned that a statement cushion won’t match with your walls and upholstery, don’t worry. Punctuating more mellow patterns and colours with one or two “loud” cushions will often give the space a lift without overpowering everything else.

The cosy cushion

This is your go-to cushion for relaxing in the evening. Cosy cushions are equally as suited to the living room and the bedroom, as the main aim here is comfort. Look to materials like soft velvet and even consider shapes beyond the traditional square.

While some cushions are undoubtedly more for fashion than function, your cosy cushion should be as tactile as it is eye catching. After all, this is the soft furnishing you’ll want close to you as you relax and unwind at the end of the day.

The textured cushion

A textured cushion falls somewhere between your cosy cushion and your statement piece, as it needs to both look good and feel great. This is your chance to be quirky with your cushion choices and discover options that are engaging and tactile.

Marble texture cushions are a unique way to bring a touch of decadence into your living room, while fluffy or woven options will help amp up in the cosy factor. Stitched cushion covers, like the classic floral designs from James Hare, are a great way to add texture while maintaining a feeling of luxury. Look for designs with colours that tie in with the rest of your living space, as this will help your statement cushion stand out.

The little cushions

Round off your cushion collection with a few small additions. These designs should be selected to add interest and depth to the space, bridging the gap between the main cushions and the rest of your décor with colours that reflect the space overall.

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